.Net Development in CentOS or Redhat 6


To develop .Net application using mono2 install use mostlylinux repository as it has all the required packages compatible to Red Hat 6 or CentOS 6. Here is a step by step instruction:

Install the repository configuration file

 yum install http://download.mostlylinux.in/6/mostlylinux-repo-6-4.el6.msl.noarch.rpm

Now type

yum groupinstall “ .Net Development Environment”

This download and install all desired dependent packages. Now click
Application -> Programming -> Monodevelop
Splash screen monodevelop should pop up.

monodevelop-300x182And then mondevelop workbench would come up.

monodevelop2-300x158Click Start a New Solution. In the pop box choose VBNet -> ASPNet as shown in figure below

snspshot4-300x225Give it a name MyFirstDotNet. Next following screen will appear with initial code

snspshot5-300x105Now in menubar  Click Run -> Run. Hopefully it would compile your code and open up firefox with a button Clickme as shown in figure below

monodevelop3-300x170When you Click me! buuton it would change to “You clicked me” as shown here.



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