MostlyLinux Distribution

MostlyLinux Voyager is a complete distribution
MostlyLinux Voyager is a complete distribution that contains all that you need for desktop or server. One can also supplement CentOS, Red Hat or Scientific Linux installation with mostlylinux repository for mp3, mp4, xvid, mkv and ntfs file support. You can download latest  Gnome-LiveDVD-7from this link. You can download latest  KDE-LiveDVD-7 from this link. Following packages are installed by default in a desktop installation of MostlyLinux 6:
  • gnome-mplayer
  • openshot
  • google-chrome
  • filezilla
  • skype
  • wine
  • transmission
  • VirtualBox
  • kernel module for most wifi-cards and more.
Option to install
  • vlc, audacity
For developers MostlyLinux Voyager includes a comprehensive set of applications and libraries:
  • Codeblocks
  • Monodevelop
  • mono 2.10
  • PostgresSQL 9.2
Download the live dvd. Rest of the packages could be installed using yum command line or from System -> Add/Remove Software.
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