How to install MostlyLinux from Live media

Download MostlyLinux 6.0 LiveCD media 32bit or 64bit by clicking following links:


Write the downloaded MostlyLive6_CD-x86-84.iso or MostlyLive6_CD-i386.iso fileto a CD using your favourite CD burning software


Download MostlyLinux 6.0 LiveDVD





Download MostlyLinux DVD 64bit.

The disc burning software you already have on your computer may have a “write image” or “burn image” option designed specifically for writing ISO and other types of image files to optical discs. If you have doubt follow this you tube video.




If you do not have any CD burning software then download FreeISOBurner from this link or Imgburn from http:.//


If you are using Linux then can write using Brasero or K3B.
Now boot your system using the newly created MostlyLive6_CD. Live CD or DVDs are unique in that they have the ability to run a complete, modern operating system on a computer. Does not alter any operating system or files already installed on a computer’s secondary storage (such as hard disk drives).Follow this video to for demo.


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